Changing up a couple of old gesture drawings with some colour! I find it fun (and challenging!) to rework 30-second gestures, and try to stylize and add anatomy to create a more finished drawing.


  1. Hi! I'm really interested in Capilano University's Commercial animation program but couldn't get much intel on it. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your experience with me and if CAP's animation course would be on par with famous animation schools like CA/Ringling/Sheridan? It would be a great help for my decision making :-) Thankyou!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment, and sorry it took me a few days to reply to you!

      That's an excellent question, I remember asking the same one on an artist's blog a number of years ago myself, which is how I found out about Cap! I actually moved from Australia for the Cap course, and in my opinion, it was totally, absolutely worth it.
      There are quite a few animation courses in Vancouver now that cater to 2D artists, but Cap has one of the strongest reputations in the industry for producing hard-working, knowledgeable grads who have a strong foundation in drawing and animation, and who are able to jump into the challenging industry of commercial animation as working artists. If you're at all planning to work/live in Vancouver after studying (not sure if you're currently based here), Cap is definitely a good choice (and on a side note, if you're not already in Vancouver, it is a beautiful city to live in that currently has an amazing animation industry).

      Cap itself is a beautiful college, it's quite a small campus, and the campus and animation building itself is great. You get your own drawing station, your own computer and cintiq, and constant access to the classroom so that you can work on your projects.

      As for the course itself, I couldn't recommend it enough. It's very intense, but very rewarding. The sheer amount of drawing that is required (especially life drawing) means that your skills improve quickly, the subjects that are in the course (touching on different streams within the industry - animation, design, layout, storyboarding, etc) give you a good sample of possible avenues for your career, and the people who coordinate and teach the course are some of the most dedicated and talented people I have ever met. Another plus for the course is the small class sizes (20 - 24), and the connection that you have with the program's alumni - it really does feel like one big family. Because there are so many grads in the industry here too, studio tours are common and students have an active link to the local industry throughout the course.

      I can't really say how it compares to other courses as I don't know all that much about CalArts/Sheridan/Ringling, but for me the course at Cap was more than I had hoped for, both in what I learned and the experience in general. Depending on where you are hoping to end up there might be colleges that can edge you a little closer to that (CalArts link with Disney Feature etc), but Cap also has grads who have worked/are working in almost every feature studio around, so it is certainly possible to get there without having gone to one of the more famous schools (which can also be very expensive).

      I graduated in April and I know that since then the course structure has changed a little, so I would definitely do research based on what you are hoping to do in your career, and what you want out of a college experience. Also if you want to contact them through the website: to ask more specific questions, the coordinators are always happy to help, and I believe there might be an open day for the animation building coming up in the next couple of months?

      I hope that is somehow helpful to you, good luck in your research and decision making! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask :)

    2. Hi Rhi!

      Thankyou for the detailed info of the school. Well, just one more question for you. How is your life as an animator so far?

      I was graduated in Fashion you see so I already had an arts related diploma, diving into another one is absolutely nerve wrecking for me. Most art students greatest fear is to be jobless. LOL.

    3. Oh! and is 3d animation more sought out for than 2d? Thank you so much!